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LugCalc™ - Professional High Performance Lug Analysis Software 

LugCalc is the industry standard for lug analysis and calculating the static structural strength of pinned lug joints used in aerospace, energy, and transportation designs. LugCalc leverages 60 years of engineering experience and data to provide the ultimate solution for expert lug analysis calculations. With material, geometry, and loads, LugCalc will quickly walk you through the lug analysis steps required to measure a lug joints static strength. These calculations can be used by OEM's, MRO facilities, FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DER), or in ASTM, SAE, ISO, and IEEE standardized engineering reports.

LugCalc Lug Analysis Screen Shots
LugCalc Screen Shots

LugCalc performs lug analysis based upon the proven U.S. Air Force published method. LugCalc is especially valuable for engineers making numerous lug analysis calculations daily, or sustaining maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) operations in aerospace and heavy industry. LugCalc provides the ability to batch process 1000's of lug analysis calculations and fully automate the documentation process. Typical uses of LugCalc  include airframe fittings, lifting points, actuator ends, and many other structural connections. LugCalc operates in both US customary and metric unit systems.
Lug Analysis Typical Straight Lug Geometry
Typical Straight Lug 

Please download LugCalc and review the documentation to learn more about LugCalc™ lug analysis technology.